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I found a meter stick (no yards) and picked it up just a while ago. Of course – I normally measure everything in yards and inches since all the patterns and instructions out there uses it, but when it comes to just measure the length of fabric, it makes no never mind that it’s in cm (50)
As usual when I finish one part of infinity I have no clue what to do next, so I cleaned up the mess on my desk and now the Virgo part of me feel good again. cleanThat Virgo part almost had a hissyfit when John and me got back to the car in the garage at Sollentuna mall – for the second time in a week some moron had parked so close to me I hardly could get my car out. The first time it was bad, this time it was horrible, the idiot had not parked straight, but the rear end of his car was closer to my car than the front and reversing straight was impossible – I would have scraped the entire side of my car. John yelled – they have scraped out car but luckily (puh) it was marks in the dust, nothing else. Talk about relieved. What the f-k are people thinking of when they park like that? Obviously I got us out of there, but it was a lot of mm forward, reverse, forward, reverse… well you get my grip. I confess – my heart thudded even when we got back home.

Had an appointment with my great physiotherapist Emelie today and I am making good progress – feel so utterly good. Neh, not good – great.

Playing around with a photo of the latest Infinity progress, I think I have an idea of what to do ned. Have a lot of empty spaces to fill 😉

Have managed an entire fast day (the first since the surgery) – yayyyy. Dinner will be hot curry casserole. And I mean hot!