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I thought I did measure the background fabric for Infinity over and over again, marking the middle with thread and now when I measure it with a tape measuring tape I come of with two sides that are 175 cm, one that is 180 and the last 185cm 😮 What I would give to own one of them wooden measuring sticks. They make measuring so much more easy that that slithering tape…..

pinneI have absolutely no idea what they are really called which make googling hard so I don’t know where to look for one. Steal on at the fabric store maybe? The strangest thing is that when I folder it in half and then one more the middle of the middle larger octagons (the 5×5 square) are in the middle. Right now my brain feel quite fried by this and math has never been my strong point…

So I took out my old Nikon Coolpix 3500, charged the battery (ought to be dead by now) and after looking high and low found the link cable and took it and Infinity outside even though it’s quite windy. I wanted to compare it with the Nikon1 but I think I have to wait for a calm and lighter day. Anyhow, this is what Infinity looks like after the first round of inner bends infinity3 inner-bend

Well then, think the quality y of the pics are the same with both cameras, might work better when the daylight is more intense…..

Anyone has any creative ideas on what to put inside and outside the bens just holler 😉

Dinner today is quesadillas and homemade guacamole.

Otherwise I’m as good as new – such a miracle 🙂