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Yesterday I mustered up my courage to do the stitches for the inner bend, stitch No 226 in the Longer Stitches library on the Horizon (Janome 7700) and the first one went very well. But the second? The machine decided to bunch up two of the mirrored arches and that was that – arches totally out if sync. So The Grim Ripper and I spent an hour or so ripping and plucking out the “endless” amount of glittery stitches (each square consists of at least 12 stitches). Not my idea of fun at all and all the time I was afraid that I would rip the fabric as well.bild 1-18Will try to be brave and do it all over today. Or I just lay on the conch reading a new crime novel by a Norwegian author – actually a very good read.

Otherwise – happiness is to own you own little TENS machine 🙂