You know, I have been working on the Infinity project for like 1.5 yrs now and it has been up and down and frankly, I can’t still see the end of it. Even more frankly, from time to time I consider to rip it all up and start over again. If I did that, I would try to think the whole thing through and make samples for each part of it. I mean, just look at it –  inner-bends11.5 years and this is all I have done? Except for agonizing, ripping and re-stitchin, making yo-yos instead of frilly middles, thinking this way and that…The other day I sat down and marked the inner bends – you know that a flexible ruler is god given when you are making bends? And to my happy surprice (I had started to believe otherwise) the whole thing is even. Even though you might think different looking at the pic, blame it on a sagging clothes line and the wind factor ;).

Ahhh, so you marked the bends – now what? He, that is the very big ? I tried several different decorative stitches on the Horizon and a single row didn’t make me any happier and doubled up it just looked strange. Move your eyes to the right and what do you see? Loooooong stitches and the final one was one with small continues arches and if I mirrored them, what did I get? Continuos infinity symbols!!! Hmm, not even The Dh “got it” when I showed it to him ;oinfinity-stitch1And to spruce them up – the small (appr. 1 in across) and slightly embellished octagons!infinity-stich2Like with the outer bends, I have to muster up my courage for starting to sew directly on the top. Have played around with the machine and a piece of scrap cause you have to be absolutely accurate with stops and starts to make the arch parallel and I’m not entirely sure I have got it yet. But I ironed on some tear-away stabilizer on the back of the first bend so I’m ready when I’m ready. For the time being I will be occupied with exchanging some of these smaller inner dots of fabric. Wanna keep it as neat as possible 🙂