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I have been invited by Beth to join an International Blog Hop where we answer four questions: Current work, How your work differs, Why do you create and How do you write about it?

Currently and for the last +1.5yrs I have worked on a project that The DH named “Infinity”. Here is just a small part of it planetarium

Not as much as it seem to take forever to finish it, but more the overall design. The inspiration for this piece, was an ad for the most prestigious auction house here “Bukowskis”, featuring an artistic rug by a Swedish textile artists AB Märta Måås-Fjetterström, Barbro Nilsson, crested in 1944.

I think my work differs cause I try to put my own touch to it. Until Infinity I have mostly (but not always) used other people’s patterns and designs. But I try to go outside the box color wise etc and like when I did Stevie’s Garden finished-top1, added and changed the design to my own liking.

I create, therefore I am 😉 I think I have done it all my life, from making cloths for paper dolls, to Goldsmith school, from paining to poetry, from garment making to botanical perfumery and on to quilting…..and everything in between. The list is long and to be creative is as necessary for me as breathing. I’m not saying I’m always good at it (except for cooking where I rock LOL), but I just can’t help myself.

I started to blog when I got into Botanical Perfumery (even had a brief stint at a nail blog as well) and when I found quilting (or it found me?) I thought it was the perfect platform where to show my creations to friends and still think it is. Top that of with writing in English keep my second language alive and my brain well exercised 😉

Here I was supposed to nominate some other bloggers, but either they didn’t have the time or simply hasn’t answered my call.

Glorious Autumn weather – +15C in the shade and sun and the big and the little is sunning on the porch bild-65