So the stitches are out and I can move about unhindered indoors, use the cane outside to be on the safe path. And with a bit of pride I can say that I’m among the very very few who have managed the weeks after surgery without one single morphine pill 😉

And here I am itching to get Infinity back on track but I have been waiting like forever for the hot-fix crystals to get here from China (I will need a LOT of them) and I don’t want to start sew the decor metallic bends until they are here. What if they never arrive? Can you imagine having to rip out all these stitches?

To top that up I came to the decision that the small blue octagons (see orange markings)infinity2bdon’t work at all. They kind of go missing in the big picture…have been wringing my brain this way and that trying to figure out what to put there instead to no avail. But maybe I just go wild and crazy and keep the spaces empty and bind the outers big octagons in another way? Artistic freedom and all that LOL.

Fall is here big time, yesterday it was +3C when The DH took out the dogs and before bedtime it was almost frost. Buhu, my days on the porch swing is over for this year 😦 Think I need breakfast.