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harvest1Due to the late start of the summer, the crops in the greenhouse could have been better. Much better. Someone (won’t name any names) managed till till the cuces by way to little water and the tomatoes just grow and grew when it comes to greenery, but very little flowers = tomatoes. But those who have matured are tasty. The chilies are doing fine, especially the jalapeños, one tiny pot with two sweet peppers …but the big surprise was the grape vine – the one I thought I had killed by over pruning – four large bunches of small muscat type of grapes. Even though they weren’t ripe just yet, I picked them and have them basking in the glorious September sunshine on the back porch. Accompanied by the neighbors persistent use of his circular saw and screwdriver 😉

Interesting to see will govern us when we wake up tomorrow, doubt very much I have the strength to sit of for the election night wake.