Grocery shopping for the weekend is no “dance upon roses” (Swedish: dans på rosor) and to leave the list to The DH had crossed my mind, but how was he to know exactly the stuff I wanted no matter how detailed I would write? I am picky when it comes to weekend foods.

So with the help of the crutches I managed a full circle of my favorite supermarket (I buy most of our food and household stuff there), pointing at stuff I wanted with one crutch 😉 Husband picked and scanned and it was a real teamwork = surprise! So tonight fresh shrimps with baguette and chili aioli (refuse to cook on Fridays), then Biff Rydberg and pulled beef for the other days.

Afterwards – pain. I did more exercise in one go that I have done for the entire week, so I might be able to take a days rest tomorrow? But now, time for the low tone muscle training, I almost forgot….have to do them 3 times each day.

But don’t worry, the only physical things I am forbidden to do is bend the leg in a lotus position and “Charleston” (the dance), otherwise I’m free to do whatever I can manage 🙂