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have passed and even though it has not been as horrible as I imagined (and not as above), it hasn’t exactly been easy either. Since I stark out refuse to take any morphine pills (the make my sick beyond belief) I rely on heave doses os paracetamol and they do the trick, sort of. But as of yesterday I started to feel better although sleeping is still a bummer – you should see the substantial bruce I have on my right hip…or no, you shan’t see it – it’s gross. Of course I’m still stiff and the muscles are weak and the wound hurts, but the joint is PAINLESS!!! Nothing short of a miracle. Imagine being able to sit down without grimacing from pain –  hurray! What lays ahead of me is physiotherapy of different kinds, from simple movements until the stitches are out to heavier stuff.

When I got home on Thursday evening a large box from my very BGFs in the USA awaited me, filled with quilting goodies of different kinds – imagine I am now the proud owner of a Snap On seam ripper 🙂 I loved all that was in the box, but if you would press me hard (like arm wrestling hard) for favorites I have to say the quilting magz which (as far as I know) I can’t get here from my dear Bethbild 1

they are so inspirational and plenty of pictures of quilts I saw in Houston 🙂 And this book gifted by the fearless ruler of the library in Lodi, WI – Trish. After just 20 pages I saw 5 good reasons why she sent it to me. Since good and great books are hard to come by, I pace my reading 😉bild 2Time to take a short walk on crutches to the end of the block and back. Promise it makes me short of breath 8o