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The Infinity project, the one that has gone on for like 1.5 yrs? infinityDue to a lot of reasons not much has happened on it since March this year. Well stuff has happened, like finding a way to connect the larger octagons with the smaller outer ones….Every time I thought I had come up with something, it just didn’t work. Umpteen of small pieces sewn with metallic thread are collecting dust….

Yesterday I tried out my latest idea and today I said f-k you to the hip and sat way to long, ironing on small (2mm) Chinese Hot-Fix crystals (dirt cheep) and in the end I got this:bollywood2bbollywood2aThe crystals aren’t the best of quality, but they are not pebble like as they comes out in the pics, but a bit crystal like. Of course you can’t compare them to the stuff I have got from the USA (that are hot fix rhinestones), but if I am going to bind all these pieces together, they will have to make do.

So what do you think – do it work or not?