I know, living in Sweden where it’s cold and dark more than warm and light, it’s like swearing in the church to complain about the hot temps. So I might be guilty of sin, but when the temps is above +25C and climbing it’s too much for me. Not to talk about the temps indoors and specifically the top floor….makes me normally bad sleeping patterns even worse and The DH has occupied the colder room in the basmenet. As punishment he got to share it with the dogs, at times all three of them 😉 Last night in bed laying I could feel cooler breezes, but now the thermometer is climbing again.

We do have a AC but half of it need to be placed on a shelf outside a window and that means that I have to remove everything from one of my desks and the desk….only to have it be done in reverse when the fall approaches and that is cause it has to be taken indoors for the winter so we can close the window where the “trunk” passes through. And lordy me, at this time it is way much too much work for it to be worth it. It’s like being between a rock and a hard place – work hard be cool or don’t and sweat.

Went to work yesterday to log my sick leave of absences and copy papers and it was nice to meet some good friends and spend some quality grown up woman time. Not much of that around here – all I have to talk to is 3 dogs (only Fiona talks back) a grumpy teenager and The DH at dinner time, blaha.

Weekend will bring a outing to the archipelago DBIL celebrates his 60th birthday and hopefully The DH will drive down south and help oldest son out with some things.

The heat is on!!