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As you know by know, I do love gadgets. Either they are for cooking or sewing, the right “thing” makes life easier och more fun. So when I saw this,I just had to had it: bild 1-17Fancy – huh? But what is it? The DH had many guesses but not right 😉 It’s a seam ripper from Gingher!!!bild 2-15Confess that I have no idea on how to use it, so far only have had the standard ordinary rippers, so I have to sew some test seams and rip them apart. Bet you use a different technique…

At 7.45am it was +21C and authorities have warned for very high temps the next days. In Sweden? We should have gotten them palm trees when we built the pool. Need to remember to give the furry ones fresh water all the time and get their feet wet. Diego loves to bath in the pool, best is to be held close and just moose around:) Poor Dh who still can’t take some vacation time.