A couple of years ago I got a bag from a girl at work, filled with ready cut hexagons – both fabric and cardboard for English Paper Piecing. She had bought it several years earlier at Liberty in London but never got down to do anything about them and gifted me with them instead. Great thing to take along on vacations in the RV, but then it kind of got forgotten.

Until yesterday when I started to plan what on earth to bring along to the hospital except for books, computer etc….And then I had a heck of a time to find the project. OK, it din’t look good as far as I had got, so I unstitched the octagons I had sewed together and realized why it all looked so strange:

bild-55A hexagon has 6 sides plus the middle, so there are two different pieces of fabric missing. OK, so they don’t all have to be blue’n white, thinking of using a darkish kind of hot pink in the middle, but I would dearly like to find something matching for the reamaning “petal”. Checked out FQS and found two but all of a sudden they want 22USD for shipping!! Oh well, I will look around at other places later – suggestions anyone?