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The other week Beth said “get one” and the doc said after our Tuesday meet “for Pete’s sake get one” So I caved in and The DH got me one. One what? bild-54A cane. A very nice looking (like cloisonné) foldable one and oh my, this is my new little (very supportive) friend. Instead of linking like Quasimoto, unable to lean very much on the right leg, now I can stride forward – like a lady between 90 and death LOL. Swedish saying – mellan 90 och döden. Well that docs appointment kind of cemented that I do have the “right” to be in pain, in immense pain since the right hip is shot totally to h-ll. At my tender age? The good thing is – for a birthday present this year (3 days beforehand) I will get a brand new hip and after some intense rehab will have my normal life back again. Isn’t that fantastic? And nowadays these hip replacements are so advanced that they last round 30yr or so. The surgeon is a hip replacement marvel – he does round 400 per year and all is happy afterwards. AmAzing!! And even though we do have more or less free healthcare in this country a separate insurance makes it possible to have it done quickly, privately and we get that as a benefit at work. AmAzing x2!!

Warm nice weather continues, I take 30 min swims in the +30C pool several times a day – it does help a bit for the pain, having nice chats with Sam who have been home since Tuesday (mommy heart flutters with happiness) and John is doing all night gaming sessions. It is vacation time so why not? Today I’m going for making a beer can chicken on the grill, never tried it before  – normally I do even roasted chicken stuffed with garlic, chili and lemon wedges.

Happy Weekend!!