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As told yesterday I spend some time cleaning up my sewing area. I ought to have taken “before” pictures but the thought never entered my mind. So instead, imagine a pile of FQs sitting on top of the storage boxes for  more than 7 months 

Then a clutter of small pieces of fabrics, pencils, rulers,thread cones, three spools, a small ironing board (IKEA, sits on top of the cutting mat at the left desk), iron, clover mini iron, a small piece I use as ironing board for that one, boxes with embellishment stuff and glittery floss, a large basket filled to the brim with fabrics and then a stash of fabric on the desk. Look at it now:cleanup1 cleanup2 Almost as good as when we created this space for me 🙂cleanup3The only thing I’m not pleased/satisfied with (except there is no room for a LA) is the lightning. I get the light coming in from the back of the machine when I sew and since it’s 35yr old pine everywhere – floor, ceiling etc, the room is rather dark. I have 4 different lamps plus the LED ones on the machine, but it’s still no good. I might as the Master of the LED work if he can come up with some crafty ideas?

All of a sudden my low Billy cases where full and there was no room for more pink fabrics, so I had to make room. Here I kind of blush, cause I do have several piles of fabrics that I have bought just because they are cute: juvieNot embarrassing many (I have one pile with whimsical Christmas fabrics too) , but still – why buy fabrics you have no clue of what to make of them, specially these juveniles….my sons are still (hopefully) to young to have kids…Well, “den som spar han har” (old Swedish saying – those who save, has) and one of these days I will be ready to make baby quilts and I have the flannel backing as well 😉

So the juvvies went into a chest of drawers (I am running out of space) and the pinks got room in the Billy shelf. Happy happy.