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The other day I decided to do a bit of under-the-plate cleaning thinking it could be that bad since I have hardly used the machine for quite a while. HA!!! Oh look at what I found. Bad Wolfie, bad bad Wolfie.lintWell in my cleaning up stage I just did something I haven’t done since pre Houston – sorting in all FQs I bought there and since. The only “thing” left is a gorgeous kit I got from a wonderful friend for Christmas trishIt’s a panel in pale turquoise with matching set of FQs and I simply don’t want to break up the bundle. So it got to stay where it is – an don, I do not keep it on the window sill 😉

So yesterday the purchase from FQS arrived in my mailbox (without passing go = customs) like the one from TOB last week all but one tone-on-tone fabrics ideal for creating borders….Beth’s spikes maybe? As always I feel a deep pleasure to get even more fabrics, the big thing is – where to put them? Think I have some serious sorting to do. And I absolutely have to clean up the mess on my tables, can’t find a thing.haulBut first – some grocery shopping.