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You won’t flipping believe it, but just an hour ago the bobbin case on the Janome 7700 broke again. After giving the machine a thorough cleaning and putting back the bobbin case carefully in it’s exact pale, the first stitches I took locked the machine and gave up an unholy sound. Unscrewing it all again I saw that the bobbin had a large bit draped of at one side. This is the second time this happened – the first time was luckily under the warranty, but now I have to pay for a new one myself. And no, I can assure you, I did put the case back properly, I double checked the lock and the red dots.

So no more sewing for like a week, found a UK company that was cheeper than the Swedish one, even including shipping. How come? Gahhh, you can never believe how irritated I am.

Back to the kitchen muttering, making a berry mouse for desert – made pulled beef earlier that will go with sour dough hamburger buns, coleslaw (bought) and cheese sauce (made by me). And a some nice red wine to go with that 😉