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It’s not often I get the “oh heaven above, that quilt I want to do” when I read quilting magazines and books, to be totally honest – quite the opposite. But when I got this one in the mail earlier this week I got week in my quilting knees by some of the designs.quilt-grandeurI have only one of Kaffe Fasset’s books before and non of his fabrics (they look amazing, but I have never found the use of them) but this one made my heart go flippetyflopp every now and then. There are other designers who contributes to this book (which is absolutely stunningly photographed), but non of them sing like Kaffe’s. Like Dotty Frames, Espania and Double Diamond…..ack, suddenly I feel the need for getting Infinity over and done with and run out to some web store and buy all the KF’s fabric I can. But everything has it’s time, right now at this very minute, I can’t use the sewing machine to try out some new Bollywood patches since the gaming son is still asleep in his room next to mine. And – I need to go grocery/dog food shopping. How boring is that?

He, after a month or two on doggie version of 5:2 method (half of his normal portions and only tiny treats), Diego is now back on his target weight – 8.2kg = yay. Well, I can happily say that I have lost a cm here and there too ๐Ÿ™‚

I think Kaffe is one of the absolutely most talented fiber designers of our time, his since of colors are so amazing and – yup, I am a weeeeeee bit jealous ย of Trish who got to meet and learn from him in Houston ;9