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puhhh – how about that for a header – huh?

The other day when I laid on the porch swing with my fav summer drink (while it was still warm and sunny) waiting for The hard working DH to come home drymartini_3I really fully enjoying the taste of the three ingredients. It’s so mazing how they merge together …..the juniper, the sweetness of the martini and the oily saltiness of the olives. And that they when you hold it in your mouth, develop to a forth taste. Come to think of it, so do most drinks I like – oh my, the best Margherita I have ever had in my entire life where in Houston) – several ingredients come together as one.

Like with perfume, if you take a bottle of lavender EO and one with Patchouli and blend them together in different ratios (like 1 drop of patchouli and 9 of lavender and then change them around) you get an entirely different scents. Ad some vanilla absolute and play around and you will be amazed. Hmm, the same goes with spices in cooking and fabric in quilting. Not that you get a new color in quilting, but the perception changes with what color, tone etc. you place next to each other. Like put turquoise next to dark wine red and be amazed. Or, for me who absolutely don’t like the colors of the Swedish flag :O find a certain hue of orange next to midnight blue quite beautiful.

Said that I still haven’t come one stitch further on the Infinity Project, talk about stunted!! Better go downstairs and poor myself a nice ice cold DM. That strange man of my won’t be home for hours still even thought it is Midsummer Eve tomorrow and we all are of, so I might as well have two LOL.