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While still a bit clueless about how on earth to bend all the outer bigger octagons together on the Infinity project, I work on the borders instead. Well work and work, I try different stuff out like these hilarious paper piecing things shown in an earlier post. Then I started to try out various ways of doing these diamond stars with the ruler from Jan Krentz….Used the small only and started out with normal size and with two strips of fabrics like the instruction say, but since I’m appliquéing the stars to a background fabric I have to give it up since the points did NOT get pointy. So one fabric strips them and used the ruler as it is, but it the start was too big (green half star) bild-51It took me like forever to figure out how use this ruler to make smaller diamonds, at first I just cut them down 1/4 in by 1/4 in but then I read the backside of the package and duh – there is a way to use the same ruler at cut the diamonds smaller. Tried with 1 1/4 in wide strips, too large and then with 1 1/8 (the purple one) and I think that work. Now I didn’t spend time on using the matching threads, good fabrics or anything, this is just a try out and – a way to work on those pointed points. Oh my, took me like forever to get back into Karen Kay Buckley’s way again and I think I have to work on the finer details a bit.

At first I thought I was going to use a darkish kind of grey for first border, but have decided not to. Think I now what I want to use, it will have to wait a bit though, need some more fabrics.

Right now The DH and coldest son is at the Aerosmith consort at the Tele2 arena and guess who is going up at 5.30am to drive said son down to Norrköping and Kolmården tomorrow morning??? The trains don’t go early enough for son to be at the lectures at Kolmården in time and – I am such a kind and loving mom 😉