EDITED: of course it’s grape vine and not wine. But they might be so plentiful they will transform into wine, who knows?

Bought a grape wine plant last summer and planted it in a quite large pot in the greenhouse. It is a hardy variety wine-labelsince it’s going to live in the non-isolated greenhouse during the winter. After reading up on how to cut them down for the winter, I managed to cut a bit too enthusiastically and when spring started to sprung, I was in serious doubt if it had survived.

But, youngest son came in the other day and told me it’s good and whatdayaknow – it is 🙂 wine1There are opened buds allover the plant, might be a scoop or two of rhododendron soil or a fistful of fertilizer pellets if got over the last 3 weeks that did the trick? No matter what – I’m happy it’s alive. And no, I still haven’t  managed to get those bags of soil for the veggie plants just yet.