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Can’t say the mailman normally bring much fun but bills and paper ads, but today was BINGO!!

Since a couple of months ago I subscribe to something called Glossybox (see here or for non Swedish people se here), it’s like kind of  pampering myself or a reward for doing good things 🙂 So far only one box have been spot on, but never mind – I make people happy at work with things that don’t suit me. Today brought the specially designed Mother’s Day box bild 4-6When I opened it, this is what it lookedbild 3-8Untied this:bild 2-11All super de lux things and – stuff that I will use. No one is going to get any of these goodies moahahaha.

Also in the mail bok was a quite big oblong package from the USA…??? Inside was this bild 1-13

Yayyy – my diamond templates – BUT, they are kind of big. Bigger than I thought (ack them danged inches and cm), especially the big one, it is HUGE!! I never ever made anything large enough to fit that one…humongous star… The small one I will try out later, right now it is way to hot on the top floor to do anything but lying down writing this. Happy note: the customs didn’t take this cause only the purchase value was on the slip 🙂

The dogs have been outside most of the day – summer seem to have hit Sweden with temps round +22C in the shades = simply wonderful. Can’t help but long for this pool-13But The Dh have to fix a few things first before the pool is up and running.

Little (well, that depends which way you look at him) Diego have spend most of the afternoon in the porch swing with me. Playdog of the year??bild 5-3Me, I’m on  my second fast day of the week, plan to do three and all I can say is – thank heaven for Hairy Dieters. Today Chicken Paprika – my gawwwdddd, I’m hungry!!!!