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at least I don’t think so. Or maybe tiny ones on the outer borders? Have been browsing though that stack of books I misplaced and found and there is a book called Quick Star Quilts & Beyond by Jan Krentz. Is this fate or what? Quilts beyond and infinity? Isn’t that what Buzz Lightyear said “to infinity an beyond”? imagesThere are several gorgeous pieces, but one (at least a part of it) I think would be great in an inner border.bild-47Just imagine many of the inner star in a row. Or maybe making them in different colors – one orange, one blue etc…???

Of course, the templates/rulers can’t be found on this side of the pond, not even Amazon.uk have them in stock and don’t know when it will be in. And on Jan’s own website they want over 30USD in shipping, more than the rulers themselves ;o There is always something standing in the way of creativity, se me put here – severely pout 😦 when I can’t hardly contain myself from the want to try it out….

The bidding on the house in the former post is now 6.450.000SEK, that is – over 1miljon SEK higher than the asking bid. We live in a charmed neighborhood for sure LOL