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After wringing my creative side (and others) it suddenly dawned on me – NY Beauty! Had to do a quick google and yep, two NY Beauty blocks will make my spiked sun/star block for det border. Found really great HERE, I love the design but 30USD and print on a printer I don’t have….nahhh.

A question here for my more knowledgeable readers – is NYB better made with paper piecing (cause foundation piecing is out of the question since I don’t have an ink printer….or – using templates? Saw some printable templates but I simply don’t like idea of using ordinary printer paper as templates. Ideas anyone?

And here is where I made some more research and ended up HERE and me brain went – duh, don’t I own that book? Went through my shelf of quilting books, but it wasn’t there. I knew so well I own (or at least used to) it, so I went downstairs to see if I might have missed it when I moved my stuff upstairs. And what did I find? This: bild 1-10A 3rd of a shelf with quilting books!! And in the middle of the stack was this: bild 2-8My problems are solved, at least I hope so, can’t remember reading this book, but it must be quite !old” cause I remember getting it back in the days when the girls on the Pickle group made NYB and I realized it was way beyond my skills. He, today I’m not scared to take it on 😀

But that is far away in Infinity’s future, need to get all the other stuff done on the top first.

Tonights dinner: Hairy Dieters Jambalaya.