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He, that’s what the girls in the nail polish addict world called their rather substantial purchases), but mine is more food related.

First stop – the new Tai grocery store in Sollentuna mall to get some galangal, coriander roots and small hot chilies. And OMG, I even bought a 1kg bag of peeled tiger prawns for only 169SEK 😀 bild 2-7Then picking up two packages – books and the cream whipper. bild 1-9

I only bought a small one to start with and John helped me to put it together. We soon found out that the trick was not to be trigger-happy, but very light with the touch. He, that is so much fun.

In the book package was the first Hairy Dieter cookbook, but I don’t think it’s as inspiring as the second one.

bild 3-6Also the newest one, which isn’t a dieters cookbook, but still contain low cal stuff.bild 4-5Haven’t read more than the intro yet, but will in a little while.

Dinner (though late due to “crisis” at The DHs work) for tonight is the Tai Beef stir fry from the Hairy website.

Got some new fiction books of nice thickness, so my afternoon is safe. And no, I have still not managed to wrap my head around the curtains = horror among horrors!!