I don’t know why such a computer/internet developed country as Sweden demands of all citizens that earn more than 10 grand (SEK) have to file a tax return. I mean, they collect all the incomes and cost for rates and such from allover, but when it comes to declare the earnings (or losses) of shares, bonds etc. you have to manually declare it. Here the last day to file the return is on Monday and I have spend almost all of today to try to get mine right. Holy cow, thankfully I have saved all the recipes etc for the share saving program at the bank I work. But getting it right?  Well, I did manage at last and tomorrow I will do The DH’s, which is way more easy since it is only one deal. Or is it?

Needless to day, those curtains haven’t had one single stitch sewn on them… buhu…

Edited: The DHs is done too and it will take us to the cleaners in back taxes 😦