– the springy spring has been overrun by King Bore again and it’s round 0C and a thin layer of snow have fallen during the night 😦

– I’m bored out of my skull. After more than a month with doing nothing but reading great books, doing household stuff and waiting, I long to get back to Infinity. Maybe this hiatus have managed to kick start my creative side, I do have some ideas on what to do with swirls, bends and hot fix crystals. If I remember these ideas when I finally get my glittery floss is something entirely different. The good thing is that the floss is finally on it’s merry way from Spain.

– I did manage to get back to a fast day on Tuesday and when kid and man goes to their respective places tomorrow, I will do it again.

– My friend F’s curtains are calling me, not in a nice voice though – more like demanding: fix us fix us fix US!!!! OK, so I have promised them that they will be done before Sunday is over. Why do I do these things? 8o