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I’m really not prone to talk about my very personal self here, but after not recognizing myself for quite some time, I was fortunate enough to get a summons from my GP since it was so long ago I had my thyroid checked out. And whatdayaknow – the levels was low again. The symtoms below I found on the Mayo Clinique and even though I don’t suffer from all, I can tick quite a few. Like weight gain even though doing 5:2 😦 Or pain and swelling joints – I look like a hamster and can’t get my wedding rings on in the morning.

Impaired  memory – my memory is so bad that I totally forgot to turn the upside-down cake upside-down and remove the baking paper before serving at a dinner party. Nor did I remember how much pasta to cook for 4 persons and ended up serving a dish huge enough for 8 teenagers ;o I’m so fuddle brained that it is at times a bit frightening. Luckily there are meds, but I don’t think my new dose have kicked in 100% yet. Said that I think I have to call the doctors office. But – if you start to have a few of the symtoms described below, ask your GP for a thyroid check up, it can never hurt. I know of people who have been wrongly diagnosed with depression and in the end it showed that they had thyroid problems What a waste of time and such unnecessary suffering.

HAPPY EASTER everyone!! Tonight I fly to Blåkulla meeting all the otherAz1_1688080a-2Before that I need to go shopping for dog food and John’s Easter egg 🙂


· Increased sensitivity to cold
· Constipation
· Dry skin
· Unexplained weight gain
· Puffy face
· Hoarseness
· Muscle weakness
· Elevated blood cholesterol level
· Muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness
· Pain, stiffness or swelling in your joints
· Heavier than normal or irregular menstrual periods
· Thinning hair
· Slowed heart rate
· Depression
· Impaired memory