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My all time favorite threads to use for hand appliqué is YLI silks. I did shave a minor mishap when I misunderstood the description of some sets of Superior Threads (haha, how lame can you be?), but I think it don’t show on the Infinity too much… So some week ago I ordered two new sets and look, together with the ones I already had, this is my collection so far: bild-36They are like jewels and work perfectly when it comes to bury into the fabrics and work with the colors of the appliqué pieces. The only thing I haven’t figured out so far is how to store them in a working way? This tin isn’t filled up so the spools roll around and my lovely color combinations is ruined 😉

Still waiting for the Threadworx metallic floss to come = nothing get’s done:(

But I did manage to snatch the last garden shelves (pic will come) – bought the exhibition piece and managed to get into the small car all by myself.

Tomorrow is back to work 😦