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The DH can do most things technical, electrical, and is quite amazing when it comes to inventing and constructing things of his own. So when the motorcycle was done and the RV, he bought himself a new toy – a Westfield Lotus 7 that have kept him in the garage and basement for the entire winter. Today it was finished and I got invited to go oh and ah and take some pictures:

underthehood Under the hood:hoodedWith the hood on:
reacing-seatsLeather racing seatspremiere-tripJohn got to come along for the premiere ride. A LOT of people had cheered, queued up behind them or paced them on the motorway, just to hava look at the car. Plus – when The DH pushed the red button (turbo) it went like a scalded troll (old Swedish saying). So – one happy husband. At least for today. But I do wonder what the beep he’s going to do next…

Me? I didn’t do much – just a set of laundry and planted 3 trays of seeds; 8 sorts of tomatoes, 4 varieties of cucumbers and 10 hot chillies 😀