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Sorry, but I am not entirely 100% well so I have and creativity thinking in the writing department. Have been working on Infinity though and think I have come up with a good idea for some parts of it: Swedish winter, all that pinewood make lousy pics but anyhow:

infinity spheres1

The spheres are meant to look a bit askew 😉 and the smalls ones are just shy of 1cm across. Wanted to order a few yards of Asian/gold printed fabrics from eQuilter, but the shipping costs is so high that I lost the lust for shopping.

Heard of The Hairy Bikers? Two fund BIG guys riding their motorcycles across the world cooking. The show was on some years ago and I really enjoyed them. Now these guys decided that if they whereto keep on living they had to loos weight and now they have come up with two diet cook books and compared to most diet recipes theirs are very tasty. I have made two so far and the men in the family (this two who lives with me) enjoyed them very much. Can’t believe it’s low cal, said The DH 😉

Sam is doing work practice wight the birds of pray at Kolmården and get to t´do such fun stuff as butcher meat and cut up rats and checkens with scissors. He lives such a charmed life my son ;o