Family dinner (The DHs side – we are 12 all in all) tonight and I started at 9am with a chocolate tart from Jamie Olivers February Mag (the one on the cover) that is now cooling of. The tart sillies, not mag 😉 First time, hope it fast as great as it looks.

We are having (all home made – of course); bruschetta, whole grilled fillet of pork and some moo meat that I don’t know the English name of, for those who don’t eat meat – oven baked salmon on a bed of lemon slices and covered with pesto, French fries, sauce Bearnaise, wild chanterelle sauce, salad greens, said chocolate cake with ice cream (that is store bought). Might throw some sort of caramelized onions in there as well, Jamie had one with Harissa 😮

No matter how much food I cook, it almost never are any left overs with this bunch.

Happy note – Sam is on his way <3<3<3, haven’t seen him since Christmas break.