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circles!! circles1Since swirls is a no-go on the swirly background, I have racked my brain to come of with something else that ties the octagons of various sizes together. Did some thread sketching on a piece of leftover background fabrics (the black with grey swirls) and some of the glittery floss /(Threadworx) I bought in Huston. Haven’t tried to do embroidery with it, but did a small stretch of coaching since it can be wider than just one strand of floss.

But two sets of these bended thread ways need something to fill it up, otherwise it will be soon done and – utterly boring. So – colorful shapes? Ahh, I have a full set of Karen Kay Buckleys “Perfect Cirlcles’ – looks like silicon washers (and they might be) and after some practicing rounds, I think I got it. Have gone through all my scraps and have cut up a nice selection of two different sizes, but it won’t be enough and not all scraps are happy colors. Cut, baste, gather around the washer, brush some starch, iron, pick out the washer, gently gather again = perfect circles 😀

Still not sure if I’m going to add other shapes though….