Took the last of the large papers (nicked from work, need to get some more) a pencil and eraser, laid out the Infinity project bild-19and just outlined the 5X5, the 8 larger ones and one small on the paper. Then got going, first attempt erases cause I had the inspiration piece too much locked in my mind and it looked like clog stampade ;9. So I did it a second time, with only thin lines outlining the bends and then got going on making swirls: bild-20OK, led pencil along with grey day outside make less than sharp pics, but if you open it up, I hope it looks better. In my very biased mind it looks quite good for being just the second attempt. Did a Google on swirls and ….well….not bad at all 😉 As I said, I think I might get some more sheets of paper on Monday…do I need them? At least to make templates…how to transfer the whole thing to the background fabrics, that’s an entirely different question. Think I’m going to embroider the swirls with metallic threads and then embellish the hell out of it ;o

Hope all is safe. Here the wind is heavy and the sky is grey, but thankfully now rains or snows – so far.