Well no one can say I have a good sleeping pattern (frankly it has been shitty for ages), but last night it took like forever to go to sleep and when I finally did, John was up at 01.40am going to the bathroom. And what god I think of when I was unable to dose of? web swirlSwirls! Hove to mark them, how to outline them, how/what to fill, embellish – where?, how long will my supplies last? Honestly I don’t think I have enough of any of the different ones I got, but imagine running  out when I have finished 3 out of 4 swirls? I did buy a nice amount of different hot-fix crystals bt didn’t buy to fixing tool thinking I could do it with an iron. After thinking long and hard about this, I wonder if that is doable? I won’t be able to see where exactly I place the crystals since the iron is an iron = too big to see anything beneath. Ideas anyone? I might have to start looking for a hot tool that works with Swedish electricity…

But right now I have to help Sam with some cow food related school work. Interesting life this is ROFLMAO. Outside it’s hard winds, they said maybe snow for the night but I sure hope as h-l that isn’t true. Well cow feed, here I come!