bild-19Ok, so the pic is not the best, taking with the cell under the dining room lamp, but anyhow – you’ll get my grip.

So the 25 octagons was sewn down and the rest of the design ought to come out some way. I started with the “swirls”, nicked some graph paper at work and started to draw without much working success. Top part went all right, but to get a nice bend that flowed into the next …No matter how much I draw and erased, cut out and started over – I simply couldn’t get it. So yesterday I decided to start from another angle – the 8 larger octagons that fit into the “swirls”, placed them and sewed them down, only to find out that they did look a bit (understatement) out of line. OK, I ought to have learned from the 25, that measuring and marking is a necessity, but somehow that part elude me. So I had to start over, find the same focal points for all and measure. HAHAHA, you can’t imagine how hard it for the brain to remember which part of the small octees I put the measure tape and what side of the larger ones, I put at 11.5in… ;o

Well I have checked and measured and checked and do think they are now where they are supposed to be – keep my fingers crossed that I somehow manages to get them evenly lined up (apart from the right number of inches) when I baste them down. Will see.

The house smells like wood burning since John was out with his class yesterday, learning how to make a fire, cook soup and make stick bread. Now that is a nifty thing to know in these horrible weather times. Here we are Ok so far (snow has melted and it’s a couple of C above zero) but in the USA it seem to me terrible in many parts. Hope my friends are all right!!

Will make pizza for dinner, don’t want to leave it for tomorrow since pizza and fast day don’t go hand in hand, if you l´know what I mean 😉