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So I picked up my package with Al Oud bild 2-2 bild 1-2from L’Artisan today and truly held my breath in anticipation of what it would smell like. I admit, it is way too crazy to purchase a full bottle of something unsniffed, but the description of the notes I found online totally bowled me over and I got this scentualicious image in m y mind. I mean: Cumin, cardamom, pink pepper, date, rose, neroli, incense, saffron, leather note, oud, Atlas cedar, castoreum, civet, sandalwood, patchouli, myrrh, vanilla and tonka bean….. who can resist that?

What did I get? Well not a very unisex scent…hmm, there is absolutely no uni about it at all, just pure sex ;o It is more male than female, in fact very much so. But still I can’t imagine snuggling up to a man who smelled like this. In fact, even though I am a wooooooman gorgeous

 , I can still imagine myself wearing this perfume often. The only thing is – I can’t find any top notes in it and the middle ones with rose and neroli is totally lost too. Nor do I get the sweetness of dates or the mellow cardamom. Nope – I get the base notes only slam dunk from beginning to end., from top to bottom. Except that the vanilla and tonka kind of plays hide and seek….. Some say there is no oud in it and some complain about the longevity, but oh my – do I get the oud? And the animalistic notes?  Yes, yes and some more yes.

I got my bottle of Eau de Perfume Al Oud from a Swedish company called Fragrance & Art.  They have a LOT of interesting niche fragrances , superfast turnaround and very generous with samples – I got all four I asked for. Nothing light and flighty for me (exempt Yuzu Fou, but it does contain White Musk LOL) and if they suit me, next time I’m rewarding myself, I’m pretty sure I will buy something new.

Anyone want a decant, just leave a comment – I have enough to spare 😀