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I don’t think that we here in Sweden are very big on cosying (sp?) down under a quilt, even if som of us gladly make them. But the last night’s the strong winds and minus C temps made my goose down duvet less than enough. So I put the one and only One Block Wonder quilt (the one that someone said was an “interesting take” on the subject) LOL. Well at the time I made it I didn’t have big patterned fabrics enough to make it the proper way. OK, so it’s not very good looking I admit, but since it has a thin fleece blanket for backing, it is warm and cosy. On top of the duvet it’s fantastic 🙂

bild-18The DH is talking trailers for his toy and I go all “nananana, can’t hear what you are saying” cause they DON’T come cheep and I see the money just flying out the door….But, to make ends that justify the means I couldn’t help myself but order a perfume that sounds way beyond interesting and fantastic: A bottle of Al Oud from L’Artisan. even though I used to be a perfumaholic, this is the very first time I have bought a scent unsníffed. But if I don’t like it, I can always do a little give-away 😉

Tonight will be home made Club sandwiches with grilled chicken breast and curry/sambal oleck mayo 😀