Well can’t say it’s good (frankly it’s horrible) and can’t say it’s color true and the metallic fabrics looks weird – if it’s me or the camera that is defunct in this matter, I leave unsaid. But here they are – all 25 of this size octagons sewed down on the background fabric:

center-doneThe buttons that will go in the middles aren’t there, will keep that for later.

Now I have to start on designing the things that will go on around them, got some large gridded (5cmX5cm) papers from work for this. The good thing is that there will be four exact the same swirls….that will save som time and effort 🙂

OK, so two weeks ago I decided that I didn’t have enough tonal pink and purple fabrics so I went to my fav shop “Thousands of Bolts” and placed a nice little order. Thursday last week the 2nd of the packages arrived (Swedish customs have as usual nothing better to do that confiscate fabrics) and this is the entire purchase: tob140123For once I did a little think before I clicked on the buy button and got me a nice collection that suits mainly for appliqué. Well done me 😀

Fast day 0 no fun day. And it’s blowing hard outside….