I did finish the 5X5 today, but due to interruptions (dogs wanted to get out several times, BGF dropped by with fabrics to enlengthen (sp???) some curtains and John wanted this and that) the clock was 4.15. And here the light is starts to wane at 3.15pm something (it totally sucks) so no good outdoorsy pics today. But if it doesn’t snow tomorrow, I promise to produce them 🙂

Can’t figure out why, but feel tired so of to bed to read some and think over how on earth to fix Sam up with an abroad work experience at an wild animal park or a zoo for his third year in school. They can choose whatever country they want EXCEPT the USA. Why?????? It would have made everything so much more easy. And the kids have to found this place themselves (read parent pave the way) and after that is all fixed, apply for funds for travel and stay. Inside EU the applications for the fund must be admitted March 17 the latest and outside of EU in April. Vojjne, this will take up some time and brainpower …… hope Sam will go for outside of EU – that will give us one more month to make it happen 😉 Ack!