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After wriggling with the ruffled things and trying to get the color scheme right, I decided that my fabric stash is way to small and went over to Thousands of Bolts, one of my top fav on-line shops. And what did I find? The entire Raijasthan collection at a price of just under 5USD per yard!! Needless to say, I ordered – well not the entire collection, but quite a few;-) And at checkout when they say “you can add 5 more yards for the same shipping price”? Well, don’t think I have to say more than this is among the most substantial purchases I’ve made 😀

Otherwise – shitty weather, not even the dogs want to go outside. Had a nice one-on-one with my boss this morning. She is actually a pretty good boss lady.

Can’t be ut amazed by the shitty postal services in this country, it actually is faster to get an order from Amazon UK (their warehouse is in Germany I think) here than what it takes for an order from Adlibris (Swedish online book store) in my postbox. Why? How? Started on the lates (I thin it is) John le Carré yesterday and think it has potential. The DH was away last night and I got stuck in front of the TV (normally the only thing I watch is Masterchef (both England and USA) and animal vet type of show, but yesterday I started to view “Revenge” and watched the whole show ;o. Found it at Swefilmer.se, so now I’m gonna treat myself to watch it from the start. Just got to get some snacks.