octNo the best shot due to lightning difficulties (as usual) so the colors are of. But – I have finally arrived at a design I can live with. Kind of stupid if you take in consideration that there will be 25 of them and that is only the middle part of the piece. Well, no matter the quality of the pics, I am kind of pleased nevertheless and figured out that the only way to reasonably centre the rosettes is to glue them in place. And the buttons won’t go on until the 25 are stitched down and everything else is in place.

Today is fast day, made broccoli soup and had a small portion of mixed beans as a starter. Think I have drunk several liters of water to keep the hunger pangs at bay during the day. Wise son said – ” do you no good to drink that much, you will still be hungry”. Well tomorrow and the weekend is “feast” days, just have to figure out what to have…..