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Remember them octagons? Those I have re-done and developed more time than I care to remember? Well, I have put the final versions up on a dark grey flannel (wall) and found they don’t show very well on a darker (read the black with dark grey swirls) background. Woke early and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I thought a bit about that problem and arrived at the idea to add a tiny light border, the same fabric to them all. So five minutes ago I brought out the template I made and used for the first layer and put it on top of the printed octagon template I used and what do you know? I had cut it askew!!! That is stupid idiotic me didn’t trace the line on paper with a marker, so I could see where to cut exactly. Now wonder all 25 octagons didn’t align up perfectly 😦 😦 😦 I got so shocked at my own stupidity, that I didn’t dare to check out the smaller templates. OMFG!!!!! Kind of got totally side winded, not sure what to do – unstick and make 25 new first layers? Don’t think I have enough of some of the colors……Bang head on the wall!

UPDATE; all the templates are not straight and narrow. Soooo – I have to do them all over from scratch!!! Start to wonder if mylar template plastic shrink or if it’s just me that wasn’t 100% focused when I cut out the templates? FF is all I can say. Well the up side is that I might revise the color/fabric for the bottom layer, so it contrast more agains the back ground fabric?