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hnyImagine – a year ago we had sat the night before on the lanai of the apartment in Fort Myers FL, drinking some bubbly and listening to the sound of the surf and the rustling of the palm leaves. Not one banger, not any fireworks at all – just peace and quiet. A year ago (look beyond the time diff) we swam in the lukewarm pool in lovely sunshine, totally enjoying our magic vacation. Fast forward 10 months when I was so lucky to go back to the States once more, to the Houston Quilt Show :). Oh my, what an amazing time – meeting my fab friends Beth and Trish IRL, getting to know these fantastic chicks and spending splendid quilt (and otherwise) moments with them.

It is kind of funny, but no matter how many blogs I view with pics from the Quilt Show, I still find new quilts that I have no clue whatsoever that I had seen. Maybe it’s not that strange, when you think about how many quilts was shown – 130 I think it was. But I did wander these aisles twice though…..

Never do NY resolutions – do you? I can promise myself all kind of stuff the year around, some come true some not. Like when I saw the pics from FL….vojjne, there and then I promised myself to loos weight and I have, not all that is needed but enough to keep me encouraged 🙂 There are people who are very sceptic for the 5:2 method and I’m sure it doesn’t work for all, but it worlds for me, so I’m all in. In a year I have lost (but not missed) 15kg (not all with 5:2 though) – that isn’t exactly chicken s-t 😀

John will kick of the new year with a LAN party for 3 friends, we will pick up them and their computers at 1pm and then it’s gaming galore in our dining room. Heaven knows how long they will keep going, John said something about LAN parties goes on a full night 😮

The makeover is postponed until February due to logistics problems on my side. Well for those who awaits….

Hope you all have a lovely start of the year 2014! One more year and The DH and me will celebrate our 20th anniversary – wow!!!