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You know that I seldom whine about my physical ailments, but for for the last four years I haven’t been my usual self in the looks dept. Due to the left over residue of Bells Palsy, I  honestly really don’t like to look in the mirror more than necessary. Until 13 or so years ago, I did my hair in nice downtown salons, but after that I have gone to the local hairdressers. Satified most of the time, but never a true WOW factor. Last time I went, the girl did use a knife instead of a scissor, which had the effect that my not to long bob is all frissy at the ends.

So, in an attempt to make me feel a bit more good about myself, and the way I look, I decided to give myself a super de Lux Christmas/NY beauty gift. Noooo, nothing in the filler/plastic surgery way (ischhhh – horrors !!) but dare to go to a very up scale hair (and beauty) salon in the city called You. It’s owner has a part in “Sofis Mode” in Aftonbladet (evening paper), it’s in beauty blogs like Daisy Beauty, some famous TV girls and Swedish movie stars goes there and I only read terrific things about them. So I mustered up my bravery (hey I ain’t no star material nor young) sent them an email (couldn’t find coloring in the online booking) and yesterday evening a very lovely girl called me up. So now I have an appointment for the 9th of January with two extremely experienced and high end stylists – I jumped up and down when I put down the phone. The DH just said – “don’t tell me what’s it gonna cost” LOL. Not more than his new toy does, that’s for sure. Well I am exited, very much so, but now I have to go and buy some groceries that I forgot the other day, have to great deeply since there will be many more than me out there.

Sam is home = all is good 😀