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Once upon a time I was hailed like The Tincturing Queen (if it’s fragrant – tincture it), but nowadays you can call me the Queenie of the Octagons 😉

Yesterday I put the last stitch in the latest batch of octagons. Honestly I hope it’s the last one, on the rest of the Infinity project, I want to do something else. There might be octagons but not in this fashion.

manyThe largest ones have 1.5in sides, the smalls just under 1in. I do plan to embellish the middles, one way or the other. So now I’m in a bit of a hold up again, but that will be spent making some placemats that goes across the dining table for a dinner party on Saturday. Bought some non expensive black and red cotton fabrics, but of course – the red one wasn’t straight, so when I ripped it up in 40cm strips, one side was 30cm and the other 40 on two of the pieces. Buhu. So I have to get some more after work tomorrow. Ha, I plan the setting of the table but have still not figured out what to serve, except for the dessert. There is a bit of a bother – I don’t eat fish and one of my guests don’t eat meat….but I think I do what I normally do – one dish for five of us carnivores and one for my seafood friend. Hmmm, but maybe you out there have any suggestions of a joint dish? There might be a price in the winnings ;o