and scissors and even though I own several Karen Kay Buckley, different Fiskars and some small non-expensive embroidery ones, my absolute fav for small cutting is this: fiskarsFiskars Softouch 6in. I’ve had it for some years and  it cuts right to the pint, sharp and exact and is essential for cutting appliqué pieces. At least for me.

So I have absolutely no clue on how there all of a sudden was some small nicks towards the point of the blade. I swear, I have only used it for cutting threads and fabrics. Might be someone else (who nicks my kitchen scissors, extra wide cling film and other stuff)? Well after having tried to make it better with an emery board I gave up and went to the only fabrics store on this side of town, but they had none. Searched the net and found it here and there for very different prices from many sources that don’t ship to Sweden, but in the end  figured out (duh!!!) that if I used “sax” instead of “scissor” in the search box, I did find some Swedish resources. So I bought one and a grinder (eh??) as well to a good price and who knows – I might be able to save the nicked one and end up with two? A girl can’t have too many good scissors 🙂