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Yesterday my order from Quarter Seam Quilt Shop arrived in the mail, 6 pieces of some of the Kaufman Fusions.fusion-fabricsMust confess that I was (and still am) a bit confused 8-I since I have no clue on what could have gone on in my mind when I ordered them. Why did I choose these colors? Two or three I get, but that strange hue of green in the middle (called Leaf)?? And that second from the right is supposed to be purple, but this one look much lighter. Hmm, well, teamed up with the Outback and Raijastan Spray as well as some Joy of life Metallic they might work.

Living in Sweden and hoping for no snow is like snowballs chance in hell. It has happened, but no often enough and every year when we pass over into December and no snow has fallen, a tiny flare of hope arise to absolutely no avail. The last couple of winters have been totally white hell with masses of snow. The forecast for yesterday for many parts of the country was the storm “Sven” with the promises of 15cm of snow here in Stockholm. Woke up this morning with not so much as a snowflake in sight, but after lunchtime some fell but not much and right now it’s more foggy and windy than anything else. And a good thing that is, The DH have stored the snowblower at the back of the garage and thanks to 3 vehicles in there, will have a hard time getting it out. Had it been me doing that, I would have been whopped ā€¦.Nah, not really šŸ˜‰