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Un-upset?? Well, I am blessed with some great friends, so yesterday Beth told me she had “scored” 3 yards of that black swirly fabric I need. Hurray!! Picked up my rather substantial order from Amazon just a few hours ago – nine books all in all. Only one appliqué related – The Tentmakers of Cairo – absolutely fantastic. Have only browsed a couple of pages and their technic are mind blowing. Did you know that they don’t precut the appliqué pieces but sew and cut as they go along….tentmakerHow I wish that the fabric paints are in the mail today so I can start experimenting. The sometimes wise DH told me to think of fun stuff to do at home, instead of falling int a pit of self dejected when it comes to work-work. But I’m in a kind of in a hiatus when it comes to my project right now, waiting for new supplies to arrive. Here I was thinking that the order from fabric.com was shipped last week, but I got a note today saying it has been shipped out yesterday, so it will be at least a week, probably more before it get here = 😦  Need to find something else to do….hey wait, I got a book on table runners from Trish –  surely need a new one for the coffee table, the one that’s there is old as sin.

Bring out the book. Find some fabrics. Make a table runner, Yup!