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Last night I put the last stitches in the first 25 octagons and just a minute ago tried to put them in order 25bbut no matter how many times I shuffle them, I’m still not pleased with the outcome. I think I missed out on one Outback and one Raijastan Spray fabrics, since I can’t get them to “pop” like I did with the trial run. And since I use four different Metallica for the middles, they don’t add up evenly in 25….. GAHHHHH!!! I have absolutely no clue on how to fix this. Stop being overly fussy and get on with it? Will the octees look different/better with the embellishment in the middle? Hopefully, cause now the Metallica centers look very shiny, to say the least. Maybe overlook the color of the Metallica and just sort them – red/pink – blue/green – red/pink etc.? It’s not a major job to take out the middles and shuffle them around….

This is why I don’t have any UFO to talk about, I never get to the finish line ROFLMAO.